EnJOY being in your body!

Are you feeling Unhealthy -ISH?
Painful-ISH? Fatigued-ISH?
Do you experience pain in your body (physically or emotionally)?

Fight the Myth of Aging and Enjoy Being in Your Body with Integrative Somatic Health (ISH).

Somatic Movement Practice and Somatic Technique unwind long-held patterns of tension in the body. These tension patterns are created by our modern-day civilization and environmental stimuli that create a contractive response in our body which becomes a tension pattern as it is repeated many times a day throughout our lives. Our muscles become “stuck” in a contracted state and then Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) sets in, causing everything from chronic (or even acute) musculature pain to generalized anxiety, depression and even auto-immune diseases and other chronic joint pain such as arthritis caused by inflammation in the body.

Find out today how you can debunk the “Myth of Aging” with Somatics practice, either in a group class setting or through individual instruction and bodywork. Find Freedom in your body and enJOY being in your body again!    

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